S. Kristol

Stéphane Kristol is a self-taught contemporary artist born in 1988 in Le Mans, France.

His artistic journey began behind the scenes as an artist’s agent, where he nurtured his passion by collaborating with established talents. However, his desire to create never stopped calling, patiently waiting for the right moment to fully blossom.

That moment has finally arrived, giving birth to “PASCHAT”, his artistic alter ego. Originally conceived at the age of 12 with the majesty of the tiger as its inspiration, “PASCHAT” has since evolved to explore other animal incarnations, each humanized and expressive in its own way, recalling one’s childhood and innocence.

His intention is not to denounce, but rather to highlight a paradox. Although we often speak of equality, the world has never been so marked by inequality. This is “inequality in the age of equality”, a theme I approach with an optimistic perspective and a thoughtful aesthetic. Driven by this state of mind, his art does not aim to criticize, but to awaken the soul and communicate benevolent emotions.

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